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Our personal physical health and general fitness are key factors that directly affect our enjoyment of life, the length that we live and our general mental health. With increased understanding oh how our bodies work, from a physical exertion to lifetime averages (heart rate, deterioration etc.) it is feasible to make significant changes to our overall wellbeing with simple daily changes to our lives, the exercise we do, the amount of water we drink and the food we eat. Our wellbeing is a key consideration in modern life, it is easy to slip into a poor routine of over eating, poor exercise routines and long lazy evenings sat in front of the television, most of the modern world enjoys luxuries well beyond those of our recent ancestors and it is increasingly easy to become absorbed in those distractions. Sadly, they are often not good for our health and can lead to early aging and muscle degradation. In the Health and Fitness section of iCalculator, we provide a selection of Health and Fitness calculators that help you to understand and calculate the various elements that affect your wellbeing.

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Our aim in providing these online calculators and tools is to support you in living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Each of the calculators is designed to be used online, is free and, where appropriate, information, tips and guides are provided to help you use the tool to its maximum capability and support you achieving your personal health and wellbeing goals. So, whether you love pizza and want to know the number of calories in a serving of pizza, how to calculate your BMI, how to cook a healthy Sunday roast or want to keep an eye on your water intake or alcohol intake, we have a calculator just right for you.

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